About Us

Welcome to the United Deer Farmers of Michigan (UDFoM) website.

This new organization, established in 2009, starting with a $0 budget, planned and organized a fundraiser in the worst ecomony that any of us has ever seen. It was a record success! Because of our new and improved relationship with the state, the future of the cervid industry in Michigan has never been brighter.

Under a common goal – To improve our industry, we are now able to start implementing programs to achieve this goal. Michigan has unparalleded climate and terrain that is ideal for hunting, beautiful fall colors, and fun northern atmosphere. Couple that with our quality animals and hunting preserves, Michigan will soon be The premier Hunting destination.

Utilizing our resources and staff, we can breathe new life into Michigan’s hunting. So join us and we can accomplish our goals that much quicker – the more we have, the faster it can be done!

Within this website you will find news about the industry, regulations and disease programs for the industry, and much more. Plan to stay a while, meet our board members, and creative criticism is welcome to help educate, promote, protect, and help assist Michigan’s cervid industry.

We also encourage new farmers that may have entered the industry as a hobby but want to do it the right way. Check out our Links page to find information, register for our forums, or to fill out an application to join our organization.